Tablet Insurance


Keep Warranty’s Tablet Insurance is the insurance that takes care of your tablet anywhere in the world. It has a premium account for just €3.3/month and can be subscribed up to 6 months after the purchase.

Our Smartphone Insurance covers:

  • Breaking screens and technical defects;
  • Liquid damage;
  • Damage caused by sabotage or vandalism;
  • Damage caused by operating errors;
  • Damage caused by fire or heat, including overvoltage or short-circuiting.

With this insurance, your tablet is protected right after the purchase of the service, without the need for a grace period. Buy this service is simple and digital, so for your subscription, we only need some personal data and the device’s serial number. Hiring is done through our App, anytime and anywhere.

This insurance is developed in partnership with Simplesurance.