About us

Keep Warranty is an app that allows you to buy insurances and keep guarantees, documents, and other policies in one place and consult them whenever you need it.

You can buy different types of insurance – life and non-life – quickly, simply, and digitally. This means that the contracting of insurance, which until now was done through many contracts, papers, signatures, scans, travel, and meetings with mediators has ended. And as you are our priority, we are always available to answer any questions, you can always contact us by phone, email, or through our social networks.

Welcome to Keep Warranty, your world: safe, simple, and digital!



Our Foundations

We focus on you! We are a symbiosis between products and services designed with what you need, from the price-quality ratio to simplicity in purchasing. We guarantee security, one of the biggest pillars of e-commerce, constant support, because, from the moment you download our App, you become a part of Keep Warranty’s family – and only here between us … we don’t just take care of insurance, we also take care of you!

Technology is a foundation of our brand, of our evolution and growth, and with you, we fight for a greener world with less paper.

Join Keep Warranty and follow the (r) evolution of the insurance world!