Can I access my saved warranties if I change my phone?

All the information saved to the app Keep Warranty will be available in the cloud. If you change phones or want to check your account in a different device, all you need to do is login to your account.

Can I use the photo and details saved to Keep Warranty at the store to make a claim?

What you need to make a claim is to show the photo with the invoice number. With that invoice number any sales assistant will be able to retrieve your purchase slip and proceed with your claim.

Does the app notify me when the warranty is about to expire?

Yes, the app will notify you a warranty is about to expire 30 days, one week and on the very day of its expiration date.

Do I need to upload a photo of the warranty?

Yes, this is the first step to save a warranty. The photo will help you identify the product.


After I buy an insurance, how long do I have to wait before I can make a claim?

As soon as the subscription process is completed and payment is confirmed, you can make a claim.

If my product can’t be fixed what will I get?

If your product can’t be fixed, you will receive the amount you’ve declared when you’ve subscribed the insurance, minus the depreciation defined in the Terms & Conditions for the amount of time that has passed since product purchase.

Do I have to pay anything to submit a claim?

You don’t pay anything when you submit a claim. You only pay the “excess amount”, once the insurance company has confirmed that your claim is valid.

How long does it take since the moment I initiate the claim, until the product is fixed and in my hand again?

It depends mainly on you. If you send your product straight away and pay the excess amount immediately after receiving the payment link, it can take between 3 and 5 working days.

Can I cancel an insurance?

You have 14 days counting from the moment you subscribe a new insurance to cancel your policy. To do so, you should contact us directly by phone, contact form or e-mail as provided below, indicating that you wish to cancel your policy and the reasons for the cancellation.

If the accident occurs outside my home country, am I still covered?

It depends on the insurance. But for asset insurance (e.g. Smartphone), you have worldwide coverage.


Which documents can I save under “My Stuff”?

All the documents that are relevant to you and that you think you need to have them in your phone (e.g. Contracts, Utility Bills, etc). Bear in mind that if you save sensitive information, you do it at your own account and risk. Keep Warranty won’t be responsible for any information leakage of any kind.