Keep Warranty

Is Keep Warranty an insurance company?

No, Keep Warranty is an ASF certified insurance intermediary with license number 420558772.

Does Keep Warranty only work with one insurance company?

Keep Warranty is an intermediary with an ASF approved license and has partnerships with different insurers. Partnerships are created according to the insurer’s offer. Since we have technological genesis, this factor is also important when choosing our partners.

What insurance offer does Keep Warranty have specifically for companies?

Keep Warranty has a specific B2B department. Contact us at b2b@keep-warranty.com to find out about our entire offer.

Is Keep Warranty open to partnerships with Insurers, Companies, Associations, Institutions, and others?

Yes, speak to our CEO Romana Ibrahim via email romana@keep-warranty.com to develop a partnership together.


After buying a Keep Warranty’s insurance, when does the insurance become active?

In Mobile, Tablet, and Laptop Insurance and Warranty Extensions, the insurance is automatically active.

After taking out insurance, how long do I have to wait before I can make a claim?

Once the subscription process is complete and payment is confirmed, you can immediately make a claim.

How do I get insurance through Keep Warranty?

Keep Warranty Insurance is available on our App, which can be downloaded, free of charge, from your mobile phone store. Mobile, Tablet, and Laptop Insurance and Warranty Extensions are contracted through the App, which includes payment.

How do I report an insurance claim contracted with Keep Warranty?

To report a claim on a Keep Warranty Insurance, simply go to the ‘Insurance’ folder and click ‘Click here to activate insurance’ and follow all the instructions from our partner insurers.

Do I have to pay to make a claim?

Complaints have no associated cost, so you do not pay anything to make a complaint.
The only amount you have to pay is the insurance deductible, once the insurer confirms that it accepts the claim.

What coverages are included in the Mobile Insurance?

You can find out all the coverage included in Keep Warranty Mobile Insurance here.

What covers are included in Tablet Insurance?

You can find all the coverage included in the Keep Warranty Tablet Insurance here.

What covers are included in the Extended Warranty?

You can find out all the coverage included in Keep Warranty Extended Warranty here

Can I cancel an insurance policy?

You have up to 14 days after purchasing the policy to cancel the insurance. To do this, you must contact Keep Warranty directly by phone or email, indicating the policy you wish to cancel.

Does Keep Warranty offer more insurance than Mobile, Tablet, Computer, and Extended Warranty?

At the moment, this is the Keep Warranty insurance portfolio, but as we work continuously to increase our offer and respond to your needs, our insurance portfolio is constantly being updated. For specific requests for companies, you should contact the email b2b@keep-warranty.com and for product suggestions, you should contact us at info@keep-warranty.com.

Warranties and Documents

If I change my phone, how can I access my Guarantees?

All information is stored in the cloud. If you change your phone, just log in with your credentials on the new phone and all warranties will appear automatically.

Can I use the photo and details stored in the Keep Warranty to make a claim?

Yes. To make a complaint you only need the photo and the invoice number. With the invoice number, the store assistant will be able to retrieve the purchase receipt and register the claim.

Does the app notify me when the Warranty is about to expire?

Yes, the app notifies you whenever a warranty is about to expire. 1 month before, 1 week before, and on the last day. To receive notifications, you must ensure that Keep Warranty is allowed to send you notifications.

Do I need to upload the warranty photo?

Yes, this is the first step. It is mandatory and will help you when / if you want to make a complaint.

What documents can I keep in the document “drawer”?

All documents that are relevant to you, and that you consider important to have with you whenever you need them (ex: Light or Water Contracts, Telecommunications Services, etc.).

I cannot access my guarantees and / or documents, what do I do?

If you are having difficulty accessing your guarantees or documents you should check that you have the updated application and ensure that you are logging in to the app with the right credentials (email and password). If you still have problems contact us via our email info@keep-warranty.com, our number +351 910 062 611 (also available on WhatsApp), or our social networks: Instagram or Facebook.